Mighty Miler's Club

Mileage Club

We have launched our wellness program for the school year. The program keeps students active with three easy steps.

1. Students run/walk the track.
2. Laps are counted automatically with EZ Scan technology.
3. Toe Tokens/certificates are awarded.

 Every 3 miles (21 laps around our track outside) they will be awarded what is called a “Toe Token.”

It is a rewarding experience to see the kid’s reactions and expressions they
have on the track and when they are scanning their cards. They smile, say hi, sweat, work hard, laugh, and talk. They can choose to walk, run, or both. Our goal is to help their bodies and minds grow stronger every day. 

Toe Tokens:
Toe Tokens are plastic key chain charms that will be given to the students when they reach specific milestones.
These milestones are 3 miles, 6 miles, 9  miles, 12 miles, 15 miles, 18 miles, and every additional 3 miles thereafter. These are for the students to keep and do not need to be returned. 

100 Mile Award:
We have a special gift for the students if they reach 100 miles throughout the year. This gift is free and they get to keep it. Those students will also be recognized on Awards Day.