Online Learning

Parents, here is a list of online learning websites.

Scholastic Online

Eureka eLearning

Eureka/Great Minds will provide resources for our school's regular curriculum.

Core Knowledge Language Arts will provide resources for our school's regular curriculum.

Zearn is also used here at Milan and students are familiar with the program.

Khan Academy

Prodigy Math

No Red Ink can be used to practice your writing skills.

Mystery Science

TED‐​Ed offers a free suite of high‐​quality videos on a variety of topics for learners of all ages, including supplemental materials, discussion questions, and opportunities to probe deeper into areas of interest. Register as an educator and you can help to customize your child’s learning experience, or let your child explore independently.

PBS Learning Media is a free, PreK-12 digital media service available to educators nationwide, offering teachers access to more than 30,000 learning materials aligned to state and national standards, including 25,000+ videos, interactive lesson plans, media galleries and more to enrich classroom instruction. Always free.

Starfall uses animation and sound to engage children in the learning process.

Typing Club can be used to practice your typing/keyboarding skills. can be used to practice your typing/keyboarding skills.

Code provides free K-12 computer science lessons and games to help students learn how to code at an earlier age. is supported by tech company donors, including Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft and many more.

Sesame Street gives access to hundreds of video clips and games that help them with phonics, rhymes, colors and more. offers online math games that help students ages 3+ with basic math lessons, including addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, decimals, money and more. is appropriate for ages 3 through 12 and includes math games for pre-K students.

National Geographic Kids is where students of all ages can enjoy science experiments, animal watch cameras and a ton of activities to keep them busy for hours.

Exploratorium teaches students about science and art. Help your students go far into the galaxy or deep down to the bottom of the ocean on this site.

BBC History for Kids is a site where students can walk through ancient history, or choose specific countries for more deep learning. BBC History for Kids is an adventure through time.

TIME for Kids offers interesting articles, photos and videos on topics like politics, the environment, entertainment, sports and health.

Highlights Kids offers online ways to play, read and craft with animated stories and more. According to their website, they are on a mission to “help children become their best selves by publishing content and creating experiences that engage, delight and foster joyful learning.”