Milan Elementary School
404 Sand Street
Milan, New Mexico 87021

:  Prompt and Prepared, Always Show Good Character, Work Hard, Stay Safe and Healthy

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Upcoming Dates

First Grade Field Trip: April 13th

Agricultural Day: April 18th

No School: May 4th 

6th Grade Track: May 8th

Kindergarten, Second Grade, Third Grade, Fourth & Fifth Grade Field Trips:  May 11th

Sixth Grade Glorietta: May 11th

Third Grade Field Trip: May 15th

Pre K Attendance Award: May 16th

Q4 Attendance Carnival: May 15th

Field Day K, 1 and 2:  May 21

Field Day 3, 4 and 5:  May 22

Pre K Graduation: May 22nd

6th Grade Promotion Ceremony: May 22nd @ 5:30 in the gym.

First - Fifth Awards Assembly:
May 23rd

Picnic Day: May 24th 

Last day of School: May 25th

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Students in grades 3-6 will begin preparation for the PARCC assessment in April. It is critical that you send your child to school every day and on time. Students who are well prepared will do better on the test with little frustration. The schedule for the PARCC Assessment will be sent out within the next month. There will be daily drawings and an overall award per grade level for perfect attendance during testing. Thank you for helping us ROCK the TEST!

Testing Dates by Grade Level:
April 16 - 20                     Fourth Grade PARCC
April 23 - 27                     Fifth Grade PARCC
April 30 - May 4             Sixth Grade PARCC
May 3rd - 8th                  Third Grade PARCC

Benefits of daily attendance

By attending class regularly, your child is more likely to keep up with the daily lessons and assignments, and take quizzes and tests on time.

There are other benefits as well:

  • Achievement: Studies have shown that students who attended school regularly were more likely to pass reading and math assessments than students who didn't attend school regularly.
  • Exposure to the English language: Regular school attendance can also help students who are learning English by giving them the chance to master the skills and information they need more quickly and accurately — even in other subjects!
  • Being part of the school community: Just by being present at school, your child is learning how to be a good citizen by participating in the school community, learning valuable social skills, and developing a broader world view.
  • The importance of education: Your commitment to school attendance will also send a message to your child that education is a priority for your family, going to school every day is a critical part of educational success, and that it's important to take your responsibilities seriously — including going to school.
Run for the Wall Shirts

Run for the Wall will make it's way to Milan Elementary again on May 17th. All of our students and staff will be wearing these shirts that the school has purchased. Parents are welcome to purchase a shirt as well as some of the proceeds to go helping our school. The cost for the shirt is $25.00

Here is the link where you can purchase the 

Quarter 4 Attendance Reward

Students who receive PERFECT attendance will be rewarded with a Carnival that will take place during the school day. 


Think “true blue“ • Be honest • Don’t deceive, cheat or steal • Be reliable — do what you say you’ll do • Have the courage to do the right thing • Build a good reputation • Be loyal — stand by your family, friends, and country


Treat others with respect; follow the Golden Rule • Be tolerant and accepting of differences • Use good manners, not bad language • Be considerate of the feelings of others • Don’t threaten, hit or hurt anyone • Deal peacefully with anger, insults, and disagreements


Do what you are supposed to do • Plan ahead • Be diligent • Persevere • Do your best • Use self-control • Be self-disciplined • Think before you act • Be accountable for your words, actions and attitudes • Set a good example for others


Play by the rules • Take turns and share • Be open-minded; listen to others • Don’t take advantage of others • Don’t blame others carelessly • Treat all people fairly


Be kind • Be compassionate and show you care • Express gratitude • Forgive others • Help people in need • Be charitable and altruistic


Do your share to make your school and community better • Cooperate • Get involved in community affairs • Stay informed; vote • Be a good neighbor • Obey laws and rules • Respect authority • Protect the environment • Volunteer

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