Milan Elementary School
404 Sand Street
Milan, New Mexico 87021

PAWS MOTTO:  Prompt and Prepared, Always Show Good Character, Work Hard, Stay Safe and Healthy

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Upcoming Dates

October 15:  Quarter 2 Attendance Challenge Begins

October 19:  Parent/Teacher/Student Conferences

October 31:  Early Release at 1:00


Quarter 2 Attendance Reward

Students with zero or 1 excused absence for Quarter 2 (October 15th - December 20th) will spend the afternoon with "The Grinch" and "Whoville Treats" 

Red Ribbon Week 
October 22nd - 26th 
Theme Days:
Monday 22nd - I'm Drug Free from Head to Toe
Crazy Hair & Crazy Socks Day

Tuesday 23rd - I'm Too Smart to Start
Dress like a Nerd

Wednesday 24th - Pair Up Against Drugs
Dress like a twin with someone

Thursday 25th - Life is your Journey, Travel Drug Free
Dress like a tourist

Friday 26th - Stand up to Drugs
Wear RED

Benefits of Daily Attendance

By attending class regularly, your child is more likely to keep up with the daily lessons and assignments, and take quizzes and tests on time.

There are other benefits as well:

  • Achievement: Studies have shown that students who attended school regularly were more likely to pass reading and math assessments than students who didn't attend school regularly.
  • Exposure to the English language: Regular school attendance can also help students who are learning English by giving them the chance to master the skills and information they need more quickly and accurately — even in other subjects!
  • Being part of the school community: Just by being present at school, your child is learning how to be a good citizen by participating in the school community, learning valuable social skills, and developing a broader world view.
  • The importance of education: Your commitment to school attendance will also send a message to your child that education is a priority for your family, going to school every day is a critical part of educational success, and that it's important to take your responsibilities seriously — including going to school.
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